Guide – Suggestions and Tips for Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is a totally free fashion/style-based match for Android and iOS. The game allows you to dress an avatar (you can change elements of the avatar for example hair, makeup, and skin tone anytime ) and dress her in clothing by real fashion designers.
Just how can you do nicely in Covet Fashion? This ultimate guide covers all you want to learn about Covet Fashion; how to begin, enter challenges, produce appearances, win prizes (like how to win Top Look), enter Jet Set Challenges, add buddies and set up a Covet Fashion Facebook account, and how to make money, save money and earn diamonds.

You can choose to either join the match with your Facebook account (a little more on this later), or perform without linking it. I recommend linking the match together with your Facebook, so you can add buddies, which will come in handy during challenges later. You can skip ahead if you would like to learn about enjoying Covet Fashion along with covet fashion hack no human verification.

Once you get into the game, you are going to see a sidebar with various choices.
• Inbox- get your daily allowance of 100 diamonds and 20 tickets, and some other occasion rewards you win.
• Home- find the results of earlier challenges here.
• Style Challenges- the main page where you enter challenges for money and prizes.
• Vote on Looks- vote the appearances in prior challenges to earn tickets.

• Shop Online- a real internet shopping mall featuring a number of the real-life clothing and designers used from the sport.
• Fashion Feed- information about fashion in and outside of the match.

• Record Gameplay- may not be available on all devices; record your match play and place it to social networking sites.
• Buy Cash & Diamonds- buy premium money, or finish surveys and provides for free diamonds (more on this below)
• Premium Store- purchase premium money here.

The other main difference is that in Modern, you are really given a version to dress- you cannot change skin tones or body types when entering challenges.
Some Covet players despise this restriction, but personally, I find it an enjoyable challenge. While all the different body shapes wear the very same clothing, the garments appear different depending on the model’s height and weight, which is realistic and a wonderful addition to the match. Also, it’s great to realize that Covet chooses models which accurately match the challenge (for example, if the challenge would be”Japanese Princess”, you will really be presented using a version whom looks of Japanese descent, instead of having the ability to choose a skin tone which isn’t exactly appropriate).
With Modern, you might also only choose from certain makeup styles- every skintone has cosmetics specific to them. This restriction is not my favorite, but it does allow for more realistic and diverse-looking models.
Last but not least, if you are playing Modern, you simply finish against other Modern players when the challenges go into voting. Thus, if you are dressing a curvaceous medium-skinned version for the challenge, you will simply be competiting against other players who have the same version. Obviously, this prevents against unfair discrimination or voting.
Modern is a fantastic upgrade to the match. I’ll have to be honest: as somebody who’s been part of the Covet community for more than three years, it was very apparent for a very long time that Covet players tended to idolize and vote for one standard of beauty; normally, blonde-haired, gloomy models won Top Look on every obstacle, even ones in which that appearance didn’t match. Now, you can view all sorts of body types, skin tones, shapes and heights acquire top appearance, and it’s a wonderful change!
Though the contemporary challenges are locked in regards to the body type/skin color, you can play with whatever skin tones and formed models you like by entering the”Create Look” section of the match.
That is it for The Ultimate Covet Fashion guide! In case you have any questions, comments, or other tips and advice, feel free to leave me a comment below! I’ll add to this guide whenever I find any new tips or information for the sport, so check back frequently if you are a fan. Good luck, and have fun styling!