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Skull is called Native American

August 22, 2002

Chicago Tribune

KENDALL COUNTY, Illinois -- "Kendall County Sheriff Richard Randall closed the investigation into a skull found by natural gas pipeline workers after it was determined the remains were from a Native American burial ground, Randall said Wednesday.

An Illinois State Police anthropologist called to the site Tuesday discovered clam shells and an arrowhead--signs of a Native American burial ground--near the skull, Randall said.

After that, jurisdiction over the site was handed off to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, which enforces the Illinois Human Skeletal Remains Protection Act, a law governing how historic human remains found in unmarked cemeteries are handled.

The Preservation Agency also is working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which has jurisdiction over the pipeline being laid by Guardian Pipeline.

One of the company's workers Monday afternoon spotted a skull, with some teeth visible, in a pipeline ditch atop a bluff near Millhurst and Burr Oak Roads in unincorporated Fox Township. Another small bone, perhaps washed out of the ditch's wall by recent rains, also was found in the ditch.

Guardian Pipeline already has hired an archeologist to help determine how to handle the site."

Copyright 2002, Chicago Tribune

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