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Occoneechee State Park Petition

Dear Fellow Native American:

In two weeks on September 6 a board will meet in Virginia to decide whether or not to take 23 acres of Native American land in Occoneechee State Park, to install a private golf course, while cutting down 100 year old hard wood trees and leveling this virgin sacred land and disturbing our resting ancestors. At this time it is nearly a done deal. The politicians have threatened the state park people and federal Army Corp of Engineers people with their jobs if they do not sign off on this 2 million dollar land give away. We can stop this with a few thousand signatures showing strong public opposition.

Please print out a copy of the attached petition and fact sheet (also found below) and get as many names as you can and mail back to me by September 1 for the September 6 meeting where the petitions will be:

Barry Carter
354 Gray Road
Snow Hill, NC

We are finding that over 90% of people that we talk to strongly oppose this action. However, to date few opinions have been voiced. Please pass this email on to as many people as you can from your address book, chat groups and forums.

If we lose this one this will open the flood gates to far more lost Indian land down the road.

Thank you

Barry Carter
Chairperson Southside Virginia/Piedmont Native American Descendants Association (SVNADA)

Fact Sheet

Do Not Give Our Land Away

More Indian Land is Being Stolen to fill the Pockets of a few Wealthy People.

1. Two Million dollars of Federal public land (23 acres of prime lake front Occoneechee State Park property) is about to be given away to wealthy business people to line their pockets.

2. This land belongs to Indian people.

3. Your Native American ancestors owned the entire state of Virginia and the entire United States and it has been stolen one bite at a time. Now they want one more bite for FREE from Occoneechee State Park.

4. To people of Eastern Siouan Native American ancestry Occoneechee State Park is a National Memorial, on federal lands, that honors one of the worst catastrophes in the history of humanity as 96% of Native Americans were killed in the past few centuries.

5. The Corp of Engineers and State Park officials do NOT want to give this land away for a golf course.

6. Business leaders in Clarksville have gotten politicians to threaten the jobs of State Park and Federal Corp of Engineer officials if they donít give away the land.

7. Clarksville business leaders have pulled a con, telling the people of Mecklenburg that a golf course, for the few wealthy, is what average Mecklenburg County citizens want.

8. A few low paying jobs will be provided by the golf course. 9. A few real estate developers, who build houses around the golf course, stand to make a lot of money from our land.

10. Do you think that you will ever play golf on this golf course for the wealthy?

11. Do you think any of the money from the golf course will trickle down to you?

12. Do you want to give your ancestorís land away to a few wealthy people?

Only Public Outcry Regarding this Theft WILL Stop it.

Also if you can call Congressman Virgil Goode 800-535-4008, Occoneechee State Park 434-374-2210, The Mecklenburg Sun 434-374-8152 and the Corp of Engineers 434-738-6101 and tell them that you are opposed to this private golf course on public land.


Golf Course Petition

I am opposed to any parts of a private Sam Snead golf course being placed within Occoneechee State Park taking 23 acres or any acres of Occoneechee State Park Lands.


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