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Threatened Sacred Sites

Posted to NDN AIM by ErthAvengr

Posted to NDN AIM by ErthAvengr

The Associated Press

Monday, December 2, 2002 050EST0143.DTL

(12-02) 00:03 PST (AP) --

The National Congress of American Indians identified 23 tribal disputes over sacred lands at a recent meeting in San Diego. The NCAI passed a resolution to assist the following tribes in protecting their sacred lands:

* Zuni Nation of New Mexico. Site: Zuni Salt Lake.

* Quechan Nation of California. Site: Quechan Indian Pass.

* Pitt River Nation of California. Site: Medicine Lake Highlands.

* Carrizo and Comecrudo Nations of Texas. Site: Amistad Lake and Falcon Dam on Rio Grande River.

* Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations along Missouri River. Site: Missouri River.

* Lakota Nation of South Dakota. Site: Black Hills and Badlands.

* Northern Plains Nations of Minnesota. Site: Pipestone National Monument.

* Hualapai Nation of Arizona. Site: Truxton Canyon and Crozier Canyon.

* Hopi and Navajo people in Arizona. Site: Navajo acquifer.

* Snoqualmie Tribe of Washington. Site: Snoqualmie Falls.

* Coastal Chumash people of California. Site: Gaviota coastal region.

* Tohono O'Odham Nation of Arizona. Site: Boboquivari Mountain.

* Lummi Nation of Washington. Site: Semiahmah city near of Blaine.

* Yurok Nation of California. Site: Klamath River.

* Berry Creek, Moore Town, and Enterprise rancherias of California. Site: lands near Oroville Dam Reservoir.

* Southwest tribal nations. Site: Arizona Snow Bowl in San Francisco Peaks.

* Tongva and Acjachemen peoples of California. Site: Puvungna in Long Beach.

* San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians of California. Site: Morro Hill or Katuktu.

* Muscogee Creek Nation of Georgia. Site: Ocmulgee National Monument and Ocmulgee Old Fields.

* Apache peoples of Arizona. Site: Mount Graham.

* Native people of Wyoming. Site: Medicine Wheel in Bighorn National Forest.

* First Nations Dakota Tribes of Minnesota. Site: Cold Water Spring.

* Picuris Pueblo people of New Mexico. Site: Picuris Pueblo.

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