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Golf club says it can't afford move from ancient mounds

Posted by ErthAvengr to NDN AIM

Associated Press

NEWARK, Ohio - The golf course surrounding ancient American Indian earthworks is studying the possibility of relocating, but lacks the millions of dollars needed to do so.

The Octagon Earthworks, 30 miles east of Columbus, are owned by the Ohio Historical Society and leased to the private Moundbuilders Country Club through the year 2078. The club restricts public access during golfing season, citing safety concerns.

The club has started a feasibility study but already knows of several obstacles, country club president Skip Salome told a Historical Society committee on Wednesday.

"There is certainly no plan at this time to relocate," he said. Salome is a member of the citizens advisory panel convened by the society to discuss access, preservation and research issues concerning the Newark Earthworks, which include the Octagon site.

Building a new clubhouse and course would cost millions, and the club's 330 members would have to vote on any relocation, Salome said. Neither the state nor the club has the money.

Committee members discussed other possibilities, such as providing more golf-free days than the four offered this year or increasing public access to the earthwork known as the observatory mound, where Indians regularly pray.

Barbara Crandell, 73, of Thornville, was convicted last month of trespassing for praying at the mound in June. Crandell, of Cherokee ancestry, has prayed there for 20 years.

Information from: The Advocate

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