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Why do you continue your self-destructive fantasies about developmental road building in the swamps?

There are NO valid economic studies supporting the Extension of Eisenhower Parkway through the swamps. NONE.

All involved Federal Agencies say this route is the worst of all local choices. ALL.

At Least 5 Sovereign Nations have passed resolutions against this route. MORE THAN 5 NATIONS...! [I faxed you this new document last Friday. You have NOT reported it to the local community. Why Not?]

For every Maconite approving this route, I can get you the names of 100 Americans who oppose it. Where is your patriotism?

PLEASE become a part of the solution instead of perpetuation the Lies and the Myths and the Selfish Blind Greed of the Highwaymen. The Telegraph's inattention to integrity and details has kept Macon-Bibb on the wrong path for far too long. PLEASE base your opinions on FACTS instead of FANTASY. Wake-Up.

- Lindsay D Holliday


Posted on Wed, Dec. 18, 2002

- The TELEGRAPH Editors

Fast track or moot point?

Backers of bridging a four-lane Eisenhower Parkway Extension over the undeveloped Ocmulgee Old Fields wetlands hope a federal task force will agree to speed the long-stalled project.

But the ongoing political upheaval could render those hopes moot.

The Georgia Department of Transportation requested accelerated federal environmental and historical reviews of the controversial cross-Macon segment of the 215-mile Fall Line Freeway linking Columbus, Macon and Augusta. This under provisions of a presidential executive order issued Sept. 18. The task force should answer by year's end.

Bibb County and Chamber of Commerce leadership have strongly supported the route, but some environmental groups and members of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation as strongly oppose it. As a result, studies and debate have dragged on for a decade, while other segments of the cross-state route have been built.

One alternative route favored by the foes of the Eisenhower extension would route the freeway along Georgia 96, bypassing controversy - and Macon - completely. The route would benefit Peach and southern Houston counties. But it would send down the drain the millions already put into the Macon area's part of the project. It would likely doom brownfields development. It would drop the center from a much-needed cross-state linkage of major cities.

Terry Coleman, his party's choice to succeed Tom Murphy as House Speaker, supports a Fall Line Freeway routed through Macon. But the incoming Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue is from Bonaire and Larry Walker, who plans to seize the Speaker's gavel at the head of a coalition of Republicans and dissident Democrats, hails from Perry. Georgia 96 runs through their home turf.

A Perdue-Walker team at the top could lean on the DOT sufficiently to finesse the controversies, end the delays and bypass Macon.

All the more reason to support Terry Coleman's bid for the Speaker's chair and Robert Reichert's campaign for appointment to the District 3 seat on the DOT board.

Macon has been unrepresented on DOT since the death of Frank Pinkston, a key figure in getting the Fall Line Freeway routed through Macon.

It is time to finish what he began and as he intended it.

- The TELEGRAPH Editors

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