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Putiidhem is one of the traditional village sites and cemeteries of the Acjachemem/Juaneno tribe of Orange County. Portions of it have not been disturbed for hundreds of years. It is now a vacant lot on the corner of Junipero Serra and Camino Capistrano in the City of San Juan Capistrano. The site is being threatened with destruction as developers have proposed to build a Catholic High School on this cemetery. The site is registered with the Native American Heritage Commission, however, because the Acjachemem/Juaneno tribe is not federally recognized and the cemetery is on private property, we are struggling to protect and preserve it.

The Acjachemem would like you to join us in a peaceful Prayer Vigilon the site on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2002. We recognize the power of many collective hearts praying for a single purpose. Please join us. We would like you to arrive at 10:00 am and be in position so that at 10:30 am we will join hands in prayer for the protection and preservation of this sacred site. This will be the first time our tribe has asked the community to assist in this effort and we hope that you will. If you cannot attend, we respectfully ask that you take a moment at 10:30 am on that day to stop and pray wherever you are to help, not just us but the community who will lose the last vestige of a still living culture here in the city.

Directions: Take the 5 Fwy to San Juan Capistrano and get off at the Junipero Serra offramp. The site is just west of the fwy. It is a vacant field and has a chain link fence around it. It is private property so please do not enter the fence. We will be waiting for you to help direct you. Thank you for your kindness, Direct descendents of the village site and cemetery of Putiidhem Sonia Johnston (714) 841-0441 or [email protected], Rebecca Robles (949) 369-0361 or [email protected]

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