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Octagon, Great Circle Mounds

By Mark Welsh


A few of the letters and guest editorials have clouded the realities of the Octagon and Great Circle mounds.

The Great Circle Earthworks has always had plenty of visitors every time that I have visited, which is often. Yet it is maintained very well.

The Octagon, on the other hand, has only a few visitors other than golfers because it isn't well known that it is also an Ohio Historical Society site. Although the Octagon Earthworks is deeded to have public access, the Moundbuilders Country Club tries to maintain it as private land.

Yes, the Octagon Earthworks is well maintained for a golf course. For a sacred site, it has been desecrated. Perhaps the solution is that the Moundbuilders Country Club have a community-wide fund-raiser so that the club can move.

Mark Welsh


Originally published Friday, September 13, 2002

Editor's Note: The 1933 deed transferring the Octagon Earthworks property to the Ohio Historical Society states that the site is "to be open to the public at all times."

A 1957 lease between OHS and the Moundbuilders Country Club states that the public's right in visiting the grounds is reserved by OHS and "subject to reasonable rules."

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