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Native American Pride Committee alert for Bay City Michigan

Posted to NDN AIM by Agnes

14 April 2003

EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!! Developer David Hajciar (pronounced Highchair?) from Oak Builders has begun breaking ground for building condos on our sacred burial site here in Bay City, MI. This is the site where more than 300 bodies of our people were already dug up in the early 70s. This area HAS been declared a national historic site named The Fletcher Cemetary Site. This distinction, as well as the very sacredness, obviously means nothing to the developer or the city officials who have allowed the project to proceed. As we have sadly discovered, NAGPRA holds no weight in protecting our ancestors' final resting place. IT IS UP TO US!!!!!! If you can come here to help demonstrate/protest or help in any way, please let us know so we can coordinate everyone's efforts. We would like to plan a massive protest in order to finally get attention to this matter. If you need directions or information, please contact us at [email protected] or by calling (989)684-9930. We will have someone contact you ASAP. If you can't be here physically (or can but want to add an extra punch), we are requesting the following: PRAYERS...and lots of them. E-mail the mayor at [email protected] and city officials at [email protected] Call and express your displeasure to Shaw Construction (contractors at the site) at (989)684-0014 and the developer at (734) 453-2240. Let's flood their phones and e-mails and let them know what we think. ARE YOUR ANCESTORS NEXT? PS: pictures will be following. Miigwetch

Sandi (LaPlaunt) Harrington
Native American Pride Committee
3256 Knight Court
Bay City, Mi.

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