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The 1995 Spring Issue of the Office of State Archaeology & Connecticut Historical Commission's "Digging In" stated: "The Connecticut Historical Commission, in coordination with the Office of State Archaeology, is conducting a Survey of Native American Burials and Cemeteries. The initial phase of the research will be limited to East of the Connecticut River. The Connecticut Historical Commission and Office of State Archaeology hope this research will produce important information for guiding future state and local efforts to protect and preserve these sacred sites. Archaeological Consulting Services (Gregory Walwer) is the professional consultant who will undertake this critical project... The purpose of the project is to provide preservation and management guidelines to state and municipal agencies to help them protect sensitive areas. The final report will include environmental characteristics and landscape settings that are most likely to contain culturally sensitive sites. This information will allow state and municipal planners and local developers to coordinate their projects in a manner that minimizes the risk of impacting culturally sensitive areas or, where necessary, indicate the need for testing in order to assess the possibility of Native American cultural heritage being endangered by proposed construction activities."

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