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American Indian Burial Mound Culture and History

Mississippian Culture website maintained by Deb Huglin, Repatriation Archaeologist.

The National Park Service Southeast Archeological Center's page on Mississippian Culture.

National Park Service's page on the Moundbuilders.

The Mississippians

Placement of Mississippian mound cities, as well as a map of Cahokia with description

Mississippian Tradition: Center and Periphery

Mississippian Presence in the Red Wing Area, Minnesota, by Guy E. Gibbon, Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota

The Diamond Bluff Site Complex and Cahokia Influence in the Red Wing Locality, by Roland L. Rodell, Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

History of Native Americans in West Virginia

Prehistory of the Upper Cumberland River Drainage in the Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee Border Region

Prehistory and History of the Kanawha River Basin, West Virginia

North Carolina's First Colonists: 12,000 Years Before Roanoke

The Prehistory of North Carolina A Basic Cultural Sequence

National Park Service's Prehistoric Mounds in the Lower Mississippi Valley. Subheadings include "Why save the Mounds? Why act now?" which states, "Now is the time to gather some of these important sites under an umbrella of public protection to prevent further loss of our cultural heritage. The recently passed federal legislation, the Lower Mississippi Delta Initiatives Act, calls for studying and preserving this region's rich contribution to the nation's history."

National Park Service's Ancient Civilizations--Forgotten Cultures with links to The Delta Initiative Defined, The Moundbuilders, Want to Learn More?, How You Can Help, Information Resources by State.

National Park Service's Life Along the River.

Mississippian Technology

Caddoan Mounds, Temples and Tombs of an Ancient People. "The culture the Caddos brought to East Texas reflected many characteristics of older mound building cultures. These cultures had been evolving in the woodlands of eastern North America since about 1000 B.C."

Ancient Earthworks of the Quachita Valley in Louisiana

Monumental American Indian Architecture

The National Park Service's page on ring and mound builders of the Golden Crescent. Rings date back to an estimated 3000 BC. Mounds date back to an estimated 1000 BC. "Of the thousands of mounds built, only a few hundred remain today."

Northwest Florida during the Woodland Period

Mounds of the Southeast has this page on the Mounds of FLorida.

Ancient Mounds and Fortifications in Alabama, from Albert James Pickett's "History of Alabama.

Maya Civilization at the Canadian Museum of Civilzation.

Mayan World View. Who were the Maya?

Mayan Ruins

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