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Indian Burial Grounds

A portal to general information on Indian grounds, mounds and related interests, with links to Federal and State protected sites and successful preservation efforts.

Not a Tourist Trap

Seminole Rest is an indigenous burial ground in Florida. This document, written by Bobby C. Billie, Spiritual Leader, Independent Traditional Seminole Nation of Florida, and housed at, concerns the struggle to protect the Seminole Rest burial mounds from being developed into a tourist attraction by the National Park Service. Go here.

Executive Order 13007, Indian Sacred Sites, 1996 24 May.

Controversies concerning Archaeology

The Reburial Controversy: a general overview and exploration of a method for resolution of the ethical dilemma by Eric Pettifor at

Bones of Contention, a transcript of a BBC TV episode of Horizon broadcast in the UK on January 23, 1995. The program examines the reburial issue, why American Indians want remains returned and some reasons why Indians don't trust the work of scientists.

Federal and State Protected Sites, Preserved Sites and others:
Indian Mounds and Burial Mounds, Grounds

This was a bit of info to enter. You can double check the data here as far as sites listed with the National Registry of Historic Places at the National Register Information System. Do a search by "State and Name". A number of these sites were found via a search of the NRHP database for the word "mound". Therefore, those sites which were not registered with "mound" in their name may not be found here until a more exhaustive check is completed.

Here's another place to search for information. The National Archaeological Database. View a map of archaeological site counts per county, inventoried between 1991 and 1993. Here's a map of archaeological site densities per county. A map of 1997 archaeological citation counts per county

Bottle Creek Indian Mounds
Indian Mound Park
Moundville State Archaeological Park

Bay Mounds
Boone's Mounds
Chickasawba Mound
Coy Mound Site
Goforth-Saindon Mound Group
Hughes Mound Site
Menard-Hodges Mounds
Parkin Archeological State Park
Toltec Mounds Archeological State Park

Cline Terrace Platform Mound
Oak Creek Platform Mound
Park Creek Platform Mound
Rye Creek Ruin Platform Mound Complex

Joe Mound
Miller Creek School Indian Mound

A Survey of Native American Burials and Cemeteries

Bear Lake Mounds Archaeological District
Big Mound City
Big Mound Key--Boggess Ridge Archeological District
Butcherpen Mound
Cayson Mound and Village Site
Crystal River Indian Mounds, Crystal River State Archaeological Site
Fort Walton Mound
Hinson Mounds
Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site
Madira Bickel Mounds
Mound Key Site
Persimmon Mound
Portavant Mound Site
Princess Mound
Rock Mound Archaeological Site
Rookery Mound
Seminole Rest
Spruce Creek Mound Complex
Turtle Mound
Twin Mounds Archaeological District
Yent Mound
Yon Mound and Village Site

Etowah Mounds Historic Park
Kolomoki Mounds Historic Park
Nacoochee Indian Mound
Ocmulgee National Monument
Rock Eagle Effigy Mound
Roods Creek Mounds

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site
Cleiman Mound and Village Site
Dickson Mounds
Dogtooth Bend Mounds and Village Site
Emerald Mound and Village Site
Horseshoe Lake Mound and Village Site
Hubele Mounds and Village Site
Kamp Mound Site
Mayberry Mound and Village Site
Mound House Site
Naples Mound
Orr-Herl Mound and Village Site
Rockwell Mound
Scales Mound Historic District
Tampico Mounds
Ware Mounds and Village Site
Wilson Mounds and Village Site

Angel Mounds State Historic Site
Mounds State Park
Pyramid Mound

Effigy Mound National Monument

Amburg Mounds Site
Annis Mound and Village Site
Blue City Shell Mound
Carlston Annis Shell Mound
Cornelison Mound
DeWeese Shell Mound
Elam Mound Archaeological Site
Gaitskill Mound Archaeological Site
Indian Mound in Central Park
Mammoth Cave national Park
Mound Hill Archeological Site
Noland Mound
Ramey Mound
Rayburn Johnson Shell Mound
Read Shell Mound
Reeves Mound
Robbins Mound
Rockefeller Mound
Russell Shell Mound
Smallhous Shell Mound
Stone Serpent Mound
Wright-Greene Mound Complex

Bloodhound Hill
DePrato Mounds
Fredericks Site
Landerneau Mound
LSU Campus Mounds
Magnolia Mound
Marksville State Historic Site
Poverty Point State Historic Site

Not mound or burial mound or specifically mound/burial mound sites:

Bayou Jasmine Archaeological Site
Francis Thompson Site
Lee Site
Sarah Peralta Archaeological Site
Tchefuncte Site
Trudeau Landing

Norton Mound Group

Blue Mounds State Park
Fort Flatmouth Mounds
Grand Mound
Gull Lake Mounds Site
Laurel Mounds
Malmo Mounds and Village Site
McKinstry Mounds and Village Site
Morrison Mounds
Shell River Prehistoric Village and Mound District
Stumne Mounds
Turtle Oracle Mound

Alligator Mounds
Allison Mound
Arcola Mounds
Anderson Mound
Baker Mound
Baldwin's Ferry Mound
Batesville Mounds
Bear Creek Mound and Village Site
Belzoni Mound
Berry Mound and Village Archaeological Site
Boyd Mounds Site
Brogan Mound and Village Site
Bynum Mound and Village Site
Butler Mound and Village Site
Carson Mounds
Centers Creek Mound
City Mound
Dell Bullion Mound
Dupree Mound and Village Archaeological Site
Emerald Mound National Historic Landmark
Evansville Mounds
Floyd Mound
Frances Lee Mound Group
George Mound
Graveline Mound Site
Janet's Mound
Herman Mound and Village Site
Hunt Mound
L'Dora Lewis Mound
MacKay Mound
Midnight Mound Site
Mound Cemetery Site
Nanih Waiya Cave Mound
Nanih Waiya Mound and Village
Parker-Summerfield Mound Archaeological Site
Pharr Mounds
Pocahontas Mound A
Pocahontas Mound B
Providence Mound
Rolling Fork Mounds
SJ Mound
Steep Mound Site
Sweethorne Mound
Thelma Mound Archaeological Site
Vicksburg National Military Park
West Mound
Wild Wings Mounds
Word Mound

Boulware Mound Group Archaeological Site
Brown, E.L., Village and Mound Archaeological Site
Crigler Mound Group Archaeological Site
Delta Center Mound
Denton Mound and Village Archaeological Site
Mealy Mounds Archaeological Site
Mellor Village and Mounds Archaeological District
Mellor Village and Mounds Archaeological District (Boundary Increase)
Murphy Mound Archaeological Site
Osterhout Mound Park
Pigman Mound Archaeological Site
Portwood Village and Mound
Sharkey Mound Group
Sugar Loaf Mound

Plan to map archaeological sites

New Mexico
Wagon Mound

New York
Lewsiston Mound

North Carolina
The Baum Mound
Cowee Mound and Village Site
Nununyi Mound and Village Site
Spikebuck Town Mound and Village Site
Town Creek Indian Mound

North Dakota
Pulver Mounds State Historic Site
Standing Rock Historic Site

Aberdeen Mound
Adena Mound
Alligator Effigy Mound
Arledge Mounds I and II
Armco Park Mound I
Armco Park Mound II
Austin Brown Mound
Enham Mound
Bone Mound II
Burchenal Mound
Campbell Mound
Cannon, Tom, Mound
Charles Metzger Mound
Coe Mound
Columbus Country Club Mound
Conrad Mound Archaeological Site
Coon Hunters Mound
David Stitt Mound
Dayton Power and Light Company Mound
Demoret Mound
Dixon Mound
Dunns Pond Mound
Eagle Township Works I Mound
Edington Mound
Edith Ross Mound
Elk Lick Road Mound
Ellis Mounds
Enon Mound
Etna Township Mounds I and II
Feurt Mounds and Village Site
Fortner Mounds I, II
Frankfort Works Mound
George Deffenbaugh Mound
Great Mound
Highbanks Metropolitan Park Mounds I and II
Hill-Kinder Mound
Hillside Haven Mound
Hodgen's Cemetery Mound
Hogan--Borger Mound Archeological District
Hopewell National Historic Park
Horn Mound
Horseshoe Mound
H. P. Jeffers Mound
Hueston Woods Park Mound
Hurley Mound
Jackson Mound
John Galbreath Mound
Karshner Mound
Keiter Mound
Kinzer Mound
Lake Ridge Island Mounds
Landen Mounds I and II
Lichliter Mound and Village Site
Luthor List Mound
Mann Mound
Markham Mound
Mathew Mound
McDaniel Mound
McLaughlin Mound
Melick Mound
Miamisbug Mound
Moar Mound and Village
Mound Cemetery Mound
Mound Cemetery Mound (Meigs Co.)
Mound City Group National Monument
Mound House
Nashport Mound
Nettle Lake Mound Group
Norwood Mound
Odd Fellows' Cemetery Mound
Old Maid's Orchard Mound
Orators Mound
Piketon Mounds
Potter, Carl, Mound
Raleigh Mound
Ranger Station Mound
Ratcliffe Mound
Reeves Mound
Rennert Mound Archaeological District
Roberts Mound
Rose, D. S., Mound
Schaer, Theodore B., Mound
Seip Earthworks and Dill Mounds District
Serpent Mound
Short Woods Park Mound
Skunk Hill Mounds
Snead Mound
Speedway Mound
Sprott's Hill Mounds Site
Stackhouse Mound and Works
Story Mound State Memorial
Story Mound (Hmilton Co.)
Tarlton Cross Mound
Taylor Mound and Village Site
T. C. Campbell Mound
Tremper Mound and Works
Tick Ridge Mound District
Trevey Mound
W. C. Clemmons Mound
Williamson Mound Archeological District
Williamson Mound State Memorial
Winameg Mound
Wolf Creek Mound
Wright Brothers Memorial Mound Group
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Mound
Zaleski Methodist Church Mound

Spiro Mounds

Harris Park Mound
Lone Ranch Creek Mound
Susan Creek Indian Mounds Site

South Carolina
Adamson Mounds Site
Auld Mound
Big Lake Cattle Mound
Blair Mound
Brady's Cattle Mound
Cattle Mound #6
Cook's Lake Cattle Mound
Cooner's Cattle Mound
Dead River Cattle Mound
Hanckel Mound
Lawton Mounds
McCollum Mound
Santee Indian Mound and Fort Watson
Sewee Mound

South Dakota
Fort Thompson Mounds
Spirit Mound

Brick Church Mound and Village Site
Cherry Creek Mound
Denmark Mound Group
Mound Bottom
Myers Mound
Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park
Obion Mounds
Pinson Mounds, State Archaeological Park
Sellars Indian Mound
Shiloh Indian Mounds Site, Shiloh National Military Park
U. T. Agriculture Farm Mound
Woodland Mound Archeological District

Caddoan Mounds
Hale Mound Site
Komatia Mounds Archeological District
Tilson Mounds--Summerhill Lake Place
Westerman Mound

Evans Mound
Nephi Mounds

Ely Mound

Seal Rock Shell Mounds

West Virginia
Cemetery Mound
Criel Mound
Goff Mound
Grave Creek Mound
Linden Reynolds Farm Mound
St. Mary's Mound
South Charleston Mound

Charles E. Brown Indian Mounds
Elmside Park Mounds
High Cliff Mounds
Rice Lake Mounds
Trempealeau Platform Mounds Site
Vilas Circle Bear Effigy Mound and the Curtis Mounds
Wyalusing State Park Mounds Archaeological District

Indian Tribes and the Section 106 Review Process

Indian Tribes and the Section 106 Review Process at the website for the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

The Citizen's Guide to Section 106

Revised Section 106 Regulations, Final Rule, 2001 11 January.

Other Mounds Found in Archaeological Manuscripts etc.

Links to other mounds mentioned in archaeological manuscripts etc.

History and Culture

Follow this link to the history and culture page

Something Extra

Burial Mounds around the world.

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