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University transfers its bones, by Martha Stoddard, Lincoln Journal Star
UNL will concede bones are Indian, by Michael O'Connor
Bone pieces found at UNL are human, by Michael O'Connor (October 13, 2001) Santee Sioux upset over UNL memorial, by Michael O'Connor (October 3, 2001)


No Indian heritage at land slated for playing fields by Associated Press (September 8 2001)
Judge rules in burial suit by Lisa Rathke, Associated Press (September 7 2001)
Ancient Burial Site Uncovered by Rex Bowman, Times Dispatch (September 6 2001)
Science Center denies burial ground claim by Melanie Nelson, The Citizen Online (September 5, 2001)
Abenakis protest construction over burial site by Associated Press (September 4, 2001)
Duwamish site may be sacred, but it's slated for development by Sara Jean Green, Seattle Times Staff Reporter (September 4, 2001)
Discovery of American Indian artifacts halts road widening Las Vegas Sun Times (September 4, 2001)


Arlington auto storage yard hearing postponed by Brian Kelly, Herald Writer (August 30, 2001)
Hohokam ruins face bulldozer in Phoenix by Tom Zoellner, The Arizona Republic (August 30, 2001)
Pechanga sue over burial ground by Agnes Diggs, Californian North County Times (August 28, 2001)
Tribe Protests Arlington auto yard plan by Brian Kelly, Herald Writer (August 28, 2001)
Road plan may skirt sacred wetlands by Associated Press (August 27, 2001)
Onandagas rebury ancestral remains by Jennifer Jacobs (August 19, 2001)
Indian artifacts repatriation a mixed success by GIOVANNA DELL'ORTO, Associated Press Writer (August 18, 2001)
Missing artifact is a mystery in Grove Hill by CRYSTAL Y. LEWIS (August 18, 2001)
Upscale condo project advances; Developer to build 68-unit complex on West Side riverbank by KRISTINA RIGGLE, Bay City Times Writer (August 16, 2001)
Suburban sprawl spurs fights over sacred Indian sites Suzi Parker, Special to The Christian Science Monitor (August 16, 2001)
Indian Group to Search UNL for Ashes by Michael O'Connor, World-Herald Bureau (August 14, 2001)
Tempe in Indian-remains deal by Paul Matthews, The Arizona Republic (August 8, 2001)
The big deal about Native remains in a landfill by Leon Satterfield, Lincoln Journal Star (August 6 2001)
Buried relics raising hopes of airport foes Artifacts unearthed at Peotone site, Diana Strzalka, Tribune staff reporter (August 5, 2001)
Ancient mounds offer insight to native culture, by J.R. Deaton, Contra Costa Times (August 3 2001)
Ancient artifacts returned to Mexico, Peru, Panama (August 3, 2001)


Unable to rest in peace Native burial sites are sacred grounds, not shopping centers By Maureen Hayden, Courier & Press staff writer (2001 29 July)
Arrest marked a first success in thwarting sale of artifacts by Maureen Hayden, Courier & Press staff writer (2001 29 July)
Agreement reached for buying Bay Area Indian burial site (2001 27 July)
Historic Burial Site Could Be Protected (2001 27 July)
Archeologists find few artifacts, continue search by Ed Piolla, Daily Southtown (2001 27 July)
HARRIMAN:Totem poles, other items returned after 100 years. (2001 25 July)
Archaeologist challenges city's choice Temecula. (2001 25 July)
American Indian Ashes May Have Been Taken To Dump Lincoln, Neb. (2001 23 July)
Archaeologist sues Temecula: He questions rules on Indian monitoring of building sites and artifacts dispositionby Tim O'Leary, The Press-Enterprise (2001 19 July)
Crew shows respect after unearthing Indian grave by James May, Knight Ridder Newspapers, West Sacramento. (2001 17 July)
Ancient Indian graves found among Miami's downtown towers by Brendan Farrington for the Florida Times Union (2001 14 July)
S.C. has Indian remains dug in '67 (2001 10 July)
American Indians protest proposed cat litter plant near Reno (2001 7 July)
Lummis sue over human remains, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Staff(2001 4 July)
Ancient Cemetery Found in Miami, by Sara Olkon and Martin Merzer, The Miami Herald (2001 4 July)


N.J. ancestral site may be built upon by Matthew Brown for N.J. News (2001 27 June)
Ground control: Preservationists fear power plant would mar ancient Arkansas mounds Suzi Parker, Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News (2001 27 June)
Program preserves historic sacred objects Agnes Diggs, NC Times (2001 June)


Mystery of Mound Builders lingers in park, By Chuck Cecil for the Argus Leader (2001 14 May)
Tribe reburies remains in Utah park at (2001 14 May)
S.C. tribes want state to release remains (2001 14 May)


U. Nebraska plaque to remember American Indian remains By Margaret Behm Daily Nebraskan (2001 18 April)
Attorneys contend Clinton administration had improper contacts over ancient bones by William McCall, associated press (2001 18 April)
Filing questions Kennewick Man's race Anthropologists say in court papers that it wasn't proven that he's related to tribes, Jonathan Brinckman of The Oregonian staff (2001 April 18)
Tomb robbers plunder ancient sites Development also destroys some Arizona pueblo history,, Associated Press (2001 April 17) (Thanks Raven)
Graves desecrated in search for pots, Tomb robbers devastating ruins on private land by Petrified Forest, Mark Shaffer, The Arizona Republic (2001 April 16)
Custody decision on 9,000-year-old skeleton awaited Natives v. Archeologists: Find suggests Caucasian presence in prehistoric North America, Peter Goodspeed, National Post, 2001 April 8 (via Native News Online)
Plunderers ignore law in land full of artifacts, Julie Cart, Los Angeles Times, 2001 April 7
Greed overcomes tribal taboo, reaches into graves, Julie Cart, Los Angeles Times, 2001 April 7 (via Native News Online)
Grave issues divide state: Researchers fight remains repatriation, RON SELDEN, Billings Outpost, 2001 April 6


Monument oil reserve eyed, by Bill McAllister, Denver Post Washington Bureau Chief, 2001 March 27
Scientists Attack Repatriation Bill, at Char-Koosta News, the offical news publication of the Flathead Indian Nation online, 23 March 2001 (Thanks Raven)
Bones of Contention: The battle lines are color lines in the debate over who owns Montana’s past, by Ron Selden, Missoula Independent, 22 March 2001
American the Looted: Shards of the South's Past Lost to Greed, an interesting article on Georgia's Stallings Island, by Mike Toner, Staff writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2001 Feb 13
'Lands legacy' targeted, 13 March 2001, by Mike Sorahan, Denver Post Washington Bureau, "Gale Norton's Interior Department is quietly backing congressional efforts to roll back former President Clinton's "lands legacy." Also at Native News Online.
Also at Native News Online, Gale Norton: The Westerner's Interior Motives,Tue, 13 Mar 2001. (Submitted to NNOnline by Dawn Hill, Senior Editor)
June trial on ancient 'Kennewick Man' bones revives debate over Indian ancestry, by James May, Indian Country Today from the Sun Sentinel (Native News thanks Victor Rocha for the story lead)
Man selling artifacts pleads guilty, March 11 2001, by Maureen Hayden, Scripps Howard News Service
Rochester museum returns skeletons to American Indian tribes, March 10 2001, by Associated Press at
Builders Unearth Old Bones, March 9 2001, by Pamela Martineau, Bee Staff Writer, at Sacbee News Online.
Land Protections Face Rollback, March 9 2001, by Mike Soraghan of Denver Post Washington Bureau, at
Mining-industry Lobbyist is Norton's Pick for Deputy, March 9 2001, by Mike Soraghan of Denver Post Washington Bureau, at


City may return sacred ground, Wednesday, February 14, 2001, by Steve Gunn, Muskegon Chronicle Staff Writer
West Virginia Town Hopes to Reclaim 600 American Indian Bodies/Reburial sought for remains sitting in Ohio State lab, 2001 8 Feb, Buffalo, W. VA.
Cultures can clash over 'preservation', 2001 4 Feb, Denver, by J. Sebastian Sinisi, Denver Post Staff Writer. "The culture clash between American Indian notions of "historic preservation," as applied to artifacts and sacred places, and those held by the non-Indian world and most museums was examined Saturday morning on the concluding day of the "Saving Places 2001" preservation conference..."
Indian nations back Bend plan, 2001 3 Feb, Chattanooga, Kathy Gilbert for Times Free Press. "Five American Indian nations agreed Friday to support legislation proposed by Congressman Zach Wamp, R-Chattanooga, to add Moccasin Bend to the federal park system."
Conference to stress preserving sites important to minorities, 2001 2 Feb, by J. Sebestian Sinisi, Denver Post. ""For a long time, historic preservation gatherings have been criticized - with good cause - as being elitist, too white and too middle-aged," said Monta Lee Dakin, executive director of Colorado Preservation Inc. She said conference coordinator Ann Pritzlaff realized that the conference, now in its fourth year, did not in the past "reflect the true Colorado community," especially in light of the new 2000 census numbers."
Cleveland seeking OK to build runway in valuable wetlands, 2001 2 Feb, by Ebony Reed, Plain Dealer Reporter. ""There are burials in the wetlands," said Ken Demsey, executive director of the Native American Cultural Foundation. "If you were here 200 years ago, guess where the Native Americans lived? They lived along the banks of the river."


Jan. 26, 2001 Human remains, burial sites would be protected , 2001 26 Jan, Helena, Montana. By Ron Selden for Char-Koosta News. "The Montana Historical Society drew heavy fire at a Jan. 12 legislative hearing for trying to scuttle a bill that would allow more human remains and burial objects to be returned to their rightful relatives. Rep. Gail Gutsche, a Missoula Democrat, is sponsoring House Bill 165 to close a major loophole in the state's Human Skeletal Remains and Burial Site Protection Act, which only covers discoveries made after 1991."
American Indians concerned about Bend park proposal, Chattanooga, TN. "Local American Indians say they were left out of discussions by U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp to add 896 acres of Moccasin Bend to the national park system." 2001 29 Jan
Students comb wetlands for graves - KDOT official predicts findings won't prevent trafficway project, Lawrence, KS. "A study to determine whether burial sites remain in the Baker Wetlands likely won't derail attempts to revive the completion of the South Lawrence Trafficway, a Kansas Department of Transportation attorney said Saturday." 2001 28 Jan
Panel approves repatriation bill. Montana. The House Judiciary Committee moves forward a bill to allow Indians and others to bring home the bones and burial objects of their ancestors, rather than leaving them to public display in museums and private collections. Submitted to Native News Online 2001 23 Jan
American Indians rally at Capitol for protection of burial grounds. "More than 100 American Indian students and tribal leaders from around the country rallied at the Capitol steps Saturday afternoon to call for stronger laws to protect unmarked graves in Texas and their ancestors' sacred burial grounds." Submitted to Native News Online 2001 21 Jan
Dangerous S.J. roadways to get help. "Toxic soil and the presence of American Indian remains are just two barriers to getting safety medians installed quickly on some of San Joaquin County's most dangerous roadways." Submitted to Native News Online Jan 14, 2001
Couple hopes to buy land for Native American burial ground. Buffalo, W Va. "Maggie and Basil Crawford of Buffalo want to purchase 50 acres near the Buffalo Bridge to rebury ancient Native Americans whose remains were excavated in 1964. The 610 bodies are now in storage rooms at Ohio State University and in Moundsville, Ohio." Submitted to Native News Online 2001 14 Jan
Skull Wars : Scientists And Native Americans Going To Court Over Who Controls 9,000-Year-Old Skeleton, But The Larger Issue Is Who Controls History. Submitted to Native News Online 2001 14 Jan
Federal Agencies Work with, Tribes Work to Save Ancient Art. Roseburg, ORE. Submitted to Native News Online 2001 11 Jan
New townhouses, ancient burial mound meet in White Bear Lake. Minnesotta. An agreement is made to leave 20 feet of space around the burial mound. Submitted to Native News Online 2001 5 Jan
The preliminary program for the 13th annual meeting on Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology. Submitted to Native News Online 2001 5 Jan

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