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SD - Stronghold Table Camp 30 July 2002
SD -"Corps shows its insensitivity" (North Point news, 29 July 2002)
OH - Indians make plea for respect of remains: Conflicts arise over work at Fort Meigs (26 July 2002)
SD - Attention! Illegal Corps of Engineers Meeting (North Point news, 19 July 2002)
SD - Press Release for Yankton Protection of Native Remains from White Swan Negotiation Team. (19 July 2002)
SD - Stronghold Table Camp update at the Stronghold Table website. (19 July 2002)
TN - Judge halts Pellissippi extension (18 July 2002)
OH - Cherokee wants trial in golf course case: Woman, 73, pleads innocent to charges (17 July 2002)
GA - National parks conservation group visits Ocmulgee mounds(10 July 2002)
WI - Ancient bones halt excavation project in southern Wisconsin (7 July 2002)
MO - Tribe alleges highway officials desecrated burial places (Sac and Fox) (3 July 2002)
SD - Corps Begins Notification On Indian Remains - Public Meeting Set For July 25 In Wagner (July 2 2002)
IN -Activists say they want state to hire an American Indian at Angel Mounds. (2 July 2002)


SD - Judge halts North Point work (29 June 2002)
SD - Tribe planned resort on disputed land, state says (25 June 2002)
SD - State applies double standard, tribes say (Mitchell, SD, 23 June 2002)
SD - Tribal graves at risk on private land(Mitchell, 23 June 2002)
IN - ANGEL MOUNDS, STATE HISTORIC SITE NOTICE: If approached to participate in Angel Mounds Native American Days, be advised that Angel Mounds State Historic Site, Evansille Indiana is currently under a boycott. This boycott was initiated by a coalition of Native American groups and individuals whose concern is the welfare of Native Americans in Indiana. This coalition which is known as the 7th Generation Coalition for Native American Issues saw no alternative but to enact this boycott after the Indiana Department of Natural Resources refusal to engage in a meaningful dialogue addressing a wide range of Native American concerns ranging from fair hiring practices to repatriation. After learning of the 7th Generation's Efforts, the American Indian Movement of Central Indiana decided to lend their support to this effort. You can also help to support this effort by "just saying no" to Angel Mounds Native American Days.
"wa-shta'-ge wi-ku-tha" 7th Generation Coalition (go peacefully my friend) 317-347-5160
Mitakuye Oyasin, Albert RunningWolf (Chairperson), A.I.M. Indiana Support Group, P.O. Box 102, Brookville, IN. 47012, phone : 765-647-4947

SD - State and corps need sensitivity about remains (17 June 2002)
SD - Return of bones to site upsets Yankton Sioux (15 June 2002)
SD - Burial sites 'transcend history' (13 June 2002)
TN -Senators consider plan for Moccasin Bend (13 June 2002)
SD -Judge halts digging at burial site; Order bars work at rec area where remains found, lets tribe hold religious activities there. (12 June 2002) (Concerning Yankton Sioux and North Point Recreation Center)
MA - Solemn Wampanoag lay ancestors' remains to rest. (12 June 2002)
SD - Tribal bones case enters second day of testimony (11 June 2002)
SD - S.D. questions how bones got into dirt at site (8 June 2002)
SD - Johnson, tribe want remains returned now (6 June 2002)
SD - Tribe: Workers moved bones (5 June 2002)


No unmarked Indian graves found in Baker Wetlands during state's search (22 May 2002) will have current news concerning the Porter Indiana mouonds.
Domtar to Donate Burial Ground (2002 May 14)
Domtar gives island to Passamaquoddies -- Returned land includes tribal burial ground (2002 May 14)
Update on Porter Mound appeal Tuesday May 14. Connie Gott reports the BZA attorney filed for a motion to dismiss. Court again 22 May. (2002 May 14)
Narragansett Tribe calls for archaeological survey of park (2002 May 11)
Park Service chief to tour Bend (2002 May 9)
Native Americans, TDOT to be back in court May 9 (2002 May 3)
Porter County Landfill Decision Appealed (2002 May 3)
Florida AIM blasts Broward County inaction on Grave site desecration (2002 May 3) (Is related to below Ocean Boulevard article)
Ocean Boulevard opened after bones excavated (2002 May 3)
Workers uncover possible Native American bones under A1A in Pompano (2002 May 2)
State agrees to move project to preserve Indian grave site -- Syaracuse NY (2002 May 1)


American Indian Mounds Conference Saturday April 27, 2002
Final Panel Members Names for the Conference:
American Indian Mounds
Sacred Burial Grounds & Sites Conference
Saturday April 27, 2002 9:00 AM 1:00 PM
Student Activities Center 2nd floor
Mark Schurr, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame
William Spellazza, Assistant Curator for Department of Natural Resources
John Warren, Pokegan Potawatami Tribal Coordinator
George Strack, Miami Language Coordinator, Member of the Illinois Burial Grounds Reapropriations
Mary Alexander, Director, Native American Indian Center
Albert Running Wolf, Chair, AIM Support Group of Indiana
Clarence White, Pokegan Potawatami Pipe Carrier
RSVP by April 25, 2002 - Indiana University South Bend, School of Education or by phone 219-237-4109
Court action is not over in ancient graves case (Williamson Co. TN : 2002 April 22)
KOLA News reports the Costner petition has been removed because he is rethinking policy. See their page for more information.
Townsend unsure of fate of Native American museum (2002 April 12)
Hospital closure timeline mulled (Moccasin Bend) (2002 April 11)
'Pig Book' says state triples pork goodies (Moccasin Bend) (2002 April 10)
Lindsay Holliday writes that "Lawson has made an analysis of the Telegraph's recent [3-26-02] editorial. The Telegraph appears to support building a new road through the Ocmulgee National Monument's legislated boundaries. His work is now posted on the web at I hope the Telegraph will consider notifying the public of the webpages below. They contain more info and links about the EPE than the newspaper might want to publish on paper: or" (2002 April)
Bridge foes cite Indian remains (2002 April 8)
April 2002 Jackson Sun News article on the Shiloh mounds which talks about the problems with erosion that are had there.
Porter County Rejects Landfill Near Indian Burial Mounds (2002 April 5)
State grants emergency historic status to Indian burial ground (2002 April 3)
Fate of landfill project could hinge on burial mounds (Porter) (2002 April 1)


Monument in danger, group says Ocmulgee park on list of most-threatened properties
New land acquired for Angel Mounds might contain ancient Indian sites (2002 March 22)


2,000 turn out for Porter County landfill hearing (2002 Feb 28)
2,000 protest Chesterton firm's Porter County landfill plan (2002 Feb 28)
Past and future collide over burial site, revenue (2002 Feb 25)
Fort Payne, Alabama burial grounds link to petition and news articles (2002 Feb)
Reward Offered in American Indian Grave Desecrations(2002 feb 14)
Wamp Says Senate May Require Changes On Moccasin Bend Bill (2002 feb 12)
Unearthing Trouble? Native Americans assail excavation of historic grave site (Victoria, Texas) (Feb 2002)
Developer disagrees with claim Indian mounds exist (Porter Township Indiana) (Feb 2002)
Indian burial grounds located on site for landfill (Porter Township) (Feb 8 2002)


Macon Telegraph lists completion of the Fall Line Freeway as 1 of its 10 top "Community Goals" for the year 2002. (2002 31 Jan)
FLORIDA AIM FILES COMPLAINTS REGARDING GHOULS/Orlando Sentinel Article on Pine Island (2002 27 Jan)
FLORIDA AIM SEEKS INFORMATION, ASSISTANCE on looting at Pine Island burial sites.

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