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Mission Statement

The Indian Burial and Sacred Grounds Watch web site exists as a tool for purveying and disseminating news on relevant issues which may appear on the internet and email lists. Its purpose is not to duplicate the efforts of others but hopefully to assist in the directing of individuals to items of interest. As many preservation efforts call for petition, letter and phone campaigns, the Indian burial and Sacred Grounds Watch web site has compiled a number of links to state and federal representatives, and other pertinent, potential contacts as an aid to individuals who would wish to pursue activism. For those who wish to be better informed, there is also a compilation of links and online material which may help educate in awareness as to the laws which effect relevant issues. Believing that there may be many who wish to involve themselves in activism, yet may be unsure about their ability to help, it's hoped that this web site may ultimately provide some basic assistance. If the Indian Burial and Sacred Grounds Watch web site proves helpful to even a single individual or preservation effort, then its purpose is served.

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