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Hamilton Era Burial Mound, Knoxville, Tennessee

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The Issue

"The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) plans to link the Ag and Main campuses at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) threaten a Hamilton burial mound." Read more and view photos at the SEAL (South East Anti-Desecreation League) web site.

Online Sources for Reading:

SEAL's page on the Hamilton Burial mound. Has images of the mound.


Individuals are asked to contact Senator Thompson, Senator Frist, Governor Sundquist, TDOT- Commissioner J. Bruce Saltsman, Sr. Email links are given on the page.


No specific contact given.

Update: As of 2001 30 Jan, last known update is on the SEAL page, undated, but following a Feb 12 1999 Bridge Forum meeting for the discussion of the road plan. It reads, In response to the Burial Mound on the UTK campus, I spoke with Lynn Harlen of Cherokee, and it was decided that Samuel Owl would be the representative for the Natives at UTK and spokesman for the Eastern Band. He will stay in contact with Joyce Dugan. I will head this up, for the time being. John BigWolf will assist. John contacted Toye Heape of the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs yesterday. Toye said he had been assured that the mound would not be affected. He wasn't aware of how close construction will come or that remains may be found if they dig up the road bed. I'm not please with his unresponsive attitude. From what John told me, he (Toye) doesn't see this as much of a problem. Will Holland contacted some of the Tribal Elders, and they are preparing for a "worst case" of finding remains during construction of the bridge and road. They will conduct the proper ceremonies, if need be, for removal and reinterment. We will be there to monitor all activities from fence construction to completion of the project. I will be in contact with UT and Bill Moore of TDOT. More to come as I get it. Bobby Redhawk

Update: 2001 8 Feb, TN AIM writes as to status, "Last we heard the road will go thru. The mound is suposed to be spared but you never know."

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