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Cartoons about the treatment of human remains at The University of Iowa, Department of Anthropology website.

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Fort Payne, Alabama
STATUS: Listed Feb 2002. Petition and news articles

Bessemer Mounds, Jefferson County, Alabama
STATUS: Bessemer Mounds are no longer in imminent danger.


Schaeffer's Eddy, Randolph Co.
Burial ground threatened by boat ramp for duck hunters.
REQUESTED ACTION: Contact officials.
UPDATE: 2001 Feb 8.


Follow this link to Florida open cases


Ocmulgee National Monument, Macon County, GA
UPDATED: 2002 10 July

Summertown Burial Mounds, Gwinnett County, Georgia
Summertown Burial Mounds have been preserved with the purchase of 200 acres by Gwinnett County, GA.
UPDATED: 2001 25 October


Starved Rock, Illinois
Starved Rock, also known as Plum Island, is home to an Indian burial ground and a wintering refuge for bald eagles. The Starved Rock Audobon Society is requesting help with a letter campaign and petition to stop a proposed resort which would occupy a third of the island.
REQUESTED ACTION: Letter campaign.
ENTERED: 2001 April


Hines Cave, Kentucky
Hines or Doublehead Cave was used for over 2000 years by indigenous peoples. A sacred site, it has been the target of looting "and 'scientific' studies."
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8 no change.

Interstate 66, Kentucky
At the Mounds of the Southeast web site, read a "Summary of I-66 Project with Potential Concerns."
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8 no change.


Benton, Tennessee, State Highway 411,
Tennessee lawmakers are irked over the rerouting of State Highway 411 to protect the Nancy Ward cemetery.
REQUESTED ACTION: Email campaign to selected officials.
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8 no change.

Brentwood, Tennessee.
A Mississippian Era palisaded town and burial site were discovered during construction of a new library on Concord Road in the summer of 1997. The city went to court and legally "terminated" the Native American cemetery.
REQUESTED ACTION: Contact Brentwood and let them your concern for the preservation of burial ground sites.
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8.

Hamilton Era Burial Mound, Knoxville, Tennessee
The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) plans to link the Ag and Main campuses at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (UTK) threaten a Hamilton burial mound.
REQUESTED ACTION: Email officials.
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8.

Hermitage Springs Burial Site, Old Hickory, Tennessee
The Alliance for Native American Indian Rights reports that the owners of JO-MAC construction Co. of Franklin, TN, who had agreed to a voluntary injunction over the termination of this archaic period burial site (site of a 5000 year old village) located in Old Hickory, TN, are currently in contempt, intentionally disregarding state archaeological statutes. (See also Williamson County, Tennessee, State Route 840 and the Kellytown Case.)
UPDATED: 2001 11 May.

Jackson County, Tennessee
Upper Cumberland Development Route, Highway 56

An area where are many mounds and native burials is threatened by ongoing development of Highway 56.

Jackson and Putnam Counties, Tennessee
Corridor J

The effort to stop Corridor J.
REQUESTED ACTION: Sign petition. Write elected officials.
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8.

Rockwood, Tennessee
Crystal Cove and Macedonia Industrial Park development.

Shallow Bluff Island
Shallowbluff is a recorded archaeological site and has been used as a Native American village and burial site since prehistoric times. Significant erosion is now taking place as a result of the unpermitted activities of the private owner.
REQUESTED ACTION: Email campaign.
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8.

Traveler's Rest, Nashville, Tennessee.
Improper procedure was followed with the discovery of new burial remains during the building of an interpretive center, and archaeological records have yet to be released.
REQUESTED ACTION: Sign a petition.

Williamson County, Tennessee, State Route 840
Williamson County is the fastest growing, wealthiest county in Tennessee, and it's been sand that there's a mound or burial along every inch of its Harpeth and Little Harpeth Rivers.
REQUESTED ACTION: See also Kellytown Case. The Alliance for Native American Indian Rights Defense Fund requests that a donation be made toward the Kellytown Site court costs.
Also see Hermitage Springs Burial Site, Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Kellytown Case, Williamson and Davidson Counties, Tennessee.
See also: Williamson County, Tennessee, State Route 840 and Hermitage Springs Burial Site, Old Hickory, Tennessee.
UPDATED: 2001 17 July.

River Landing Subdivision, Williamson Co., Tennessee
UPDATED: 2001 Feb 8.

West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia
Wal-Mart at it again.
REQUESTED ACTION: Letter, phone and email campaigns.
UPDATED: 2001 May 15.


Burial Mounds at Cumberland River, Nashville, Tennessee lose to the Tennessee Oilers
REQUESTED ACTION: Tennessee AIM is asking for a boycott of the Titans, currently playing at the stadium, as well as pro football.

Burial Sites at Davidson County, Nashville Tennessee lose to Wal-Mart
REQUESTED ACTION: Boycotts and petitions.

Some Links

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At Redman's web site read an article on how the St. Louis Mounds are daily being covered over by development.

Tennessee Archaeology in the News at Tennessee Archaeology Net.

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