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Wal-Mart at it Again From: [email protected]
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 23:06:12 EST
Subject: Walmart Investigation Requested WV ATTY General

Walmart, Investigation Request-WV Attorney General

The Indian Heritage Conservancy and The National Field Office of The American Indian Movement have requested West Virginia's Attorney General, Darrell V. McGraw, Jr., to investigates reports of violations of law, coercion, and conflict of interest among the participants in Walmart's ongoing attempts to purchase a sacred Indian burial ground in Monongalia County West Virginia.

The Indian coalition has determined this request to be necessary due to Walmart's recent release of false and misleading information in an attempt to gain a favorable ruling from The West Virginia Commissioner of Highways Mr. Fred VanKirk. Part of the information leading to this request is based upon a letter from The WV. Division of Culture and History. In a letter to Senator John Rockefeller, that office cited violations of WVcode 29-1-8a and identifies the site as a "significant archaeological site." Walmart continues to disseminate propaganda to the opposite in order to destroy the site and build yet another SuperCenter.


This coalition of Indian groups have proceeded in a respectful manner and has had disrespect returned to them They have spoken the truth yet find themselves victims of lies. They have chosen an avenue of openness and forthrightness and have had deceit, manipulation and coercion put in their path. Its time to hold Walmart, their agents, West Virginia University Foundation, and The West Virginia University Administration accountable for their actions.

You are urged to contact WV Attorney General Darrell V McGraw, JR. and demand an immediate investigation into Walmart's scheme to desecrate the sacred burial site In Monongalia County, WV.

Darrell V. McGraw Jr, WV Attorney General
1900 Kanawha BLVD. ROOM 26E Charleston WV. 25305-9924
(WV)1-800-368-8808 FAX 304-558-0140

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Requested Action:

Individuals are asked to contact: Darrell V. McGraw Jr, WV Attorney General
1900 Kanawha BLVD. ROOM 26E Charleston WV. 25305-9924
(WV)1-800-368-8808 FAX 304-558-0140


Update: 30 March 2001

Retrieved from Cherokee-l.
"Walmart---Still at it in Morgantown
In case you had not heard, Walmart is still trying to get approval to build a new superstore on a village site and burial ground in Morgantown. While Walmartís actions have been the subject of numerous protests they are continuing with their plans to build. Last month, we believed that this desecration had been stopped and that there was less likelihood that they would be successful in acquiring the land and getting permission to gain access to the highway. Walmart has now countered with a PR campaign and the offer to somehow set aside the "most sensitive areas". It appears likely that the Department of Highways will give them their way and allow the road access and the WVU Foundation (which owns the land and is salivating over the millions they expect from the sale) will sell them the property. The only way we have to stop this is to persuade Fred VanKirk from the WV Highway Department NOT to allow them the access to the highway and to persuade the WVU folks that this is evil business. Calls to the Highway Department and to the WVU Foundation are totally appropriate---be polite but firm."

IGSGWATCH notesthe following are Key Contacts for W V. DOT Department of Highways:

DOH Mailing Address:
Building 5
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, WV 25305-0430

Fred VanKirk, P.E.
Phone: 304-558-3505
Fax: 304-558-1004
Email: [email protected]

Assistant Commissioner
Jack White
Phone: 304-558-2802
Fax: 304-558-0312
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Commissioner
Norm Roush, P.E.
Phone: 304-558-2804
Fax: 304-558-1004
Email: [email protected]

State Highway Engineer
Joseph T. Deneault, P.E.
Phone: 304-558-0191
Fax: 304-558-1004
Email: [email protected]

Business Manager
Danny Ellis
Phone: 304-558-2811
Fax: 304-558-4076
Email: [email protected]


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True to their reputation of deceit, lies and betrayal, the slimy vermin of Walmart has yet been caught in another act of deception and double dealing near Morgantown, WV. The Walmart ghouls have begun raping a sacred indigenous burial site after promising the community they would not. As has been the case throughout history, those whom we entrusted to protect Indian interest have turned their guns on us in favor of capitalist greed. Those government and community representatives who pledged their unswerving support of Indian ideals now lie in bed with Walmart in an orgy of greed, money and treachery as they attempt to sodomize our people once again. I know many who read this have fantasized about fighting for the cause of our people, our culture, our dignity. You have spoken of the horrors heaped upon our people over 500 years. The horror still exists! Here and now! Will; you continue to talk or will you respond to an imminent call to action. Will you make history or will you be content to read about it?
Those wishing to (Literally) stand with us and defend the honor and dignity of our ancestors near Morgantown, WV are urged to respond to [email protected] and be available for upcoming actions that will not be openly posted. We are the 7th generation! We will not go away! THE INDIGENOUS LIBERATION FORCE EXISTS TO IDENTIFY, CONFRONT AND NEUTRALIZE THAT WHICH THREATENS OUR PEOPLE AND TO PROMOTE OUR POLITICAL STRENGTH VIA TRADITIONAL MEANS!
Madage Moniga "Walks on Wind"

In a message dated 4/20/01 3:04:24 PM Central Daylight Time, AIM4JUSTCE writes:
<< The following notification was sent to Susan Pierce of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History (State Agency) April 20, 2001. --- Ms. Pierce: We have received reports that excavation and other activities are taking place on the Straight property on Rt. 705 Monongalia County WV. Without question this is a violation of your March 6, 2001, directive which prohibits this activity. It is also a direct violation of law as indicated in your letter to Sen. John Rockefeller last year. We trusted that your office possessed the authority and willingness to enforce your directives and applicable laws. If you or your office is either unwilling or unable to do so, we need to know immediately so we can plan accordingly. Also, if Gloria Gozdick is considered the "qualified archeologist" indicated in your March 6, directive we wish to strongly object. Her bias towards Wal-Mart, West Virginia University Foundation, and the University is evident! Her findings have been brought into question by reputable archeologist. She is a paid consultant of Walmart and certainly should not be counted on to render evenhanded reports. This is a case of the fox guarding the hen house. We look to you for immediate protection of this sacred site. - Indian Heritage Conservancy- American Indian Movement -END Friends again our trust has been betrayed. Again, in our willingness to believe in common decency, we have been lied to and duped by those who promised to protect Indian interest. The sacred prayer pole which stood proudly to honor our relatives buried within the Fort Hill site lies crushed beneath the wheels of Walmart's paid ghouls who dig upon our burial site. Please call WV DIV. of Culture and History and demand it be stopped. 304-558-0220 Please call the WV Attorney general and demand action 304-558-2021 FX 304-558-0140 Please call the Monongalia Prosecuting Attorney and demand that these grave robbing bastards be brought to Justice. 304-291-7250. And please be ready to respond to our call to action which appears to be imminent. Monogalia County is about 75 miles south of Pittsburgh PA on I-79. -If you think its terrible what was done to Indian people please remember...its still going on!
-Matt Sherman
National Field Office American Indian Movement
Dennis J. Banks, Director-
-please distribute widely-

[In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is distributed without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only.]

Update: 2001 15 May

Subject: Stopping Walmart In WV. UPDATE


The past two weeks have been fast and furious in our efforts to stop Walmart from savagely destroying an Indian burial ground near Morgantown, WV.

We have successfully exposed WM's trickery in their attempts to conceal evidence which proves the entire site is a burial/village site. They claim only a small portion is really an Indian village and they can "build around it".

Last week a Morgantown radio personality, who openly supports Walmart's efforts, admonished Matt Sherman(AIM) on the air for using the term "spokesliar" in reference to Walmart's propaganda machine.(Matt was not present) The 'Liar" statement was issued from ILFORCE email and never spoken on the air until the talk show host "Jim Stahllings" choose to do so. He then ridiculously feigned offense by the term which he choose to put out on the airwaves. Fortunately, veteran CO-host Kay Murray put him (Stahllings) in his place by advising him of Matt's respectful & courteous demeanor when appearing on The Morgantown am talkshow.

Here are the three main issues taking place right now, #1. We are waiting for a decision from WV Comm. of Highways FredVanKirk as to whether he will grant highway access to Walmart. #2 We are awaiting the results of a criminal investigation by Monongalia County Sheriff's dept. into claims of illegal drilling and false reports (re: artifact discovery) regarding the burial site. #3 We also await a review by WV Div of Culture and History as to why they readily have accepted Walmart's archeologist's interpretation of the burial site, when they admonished them last year for improper activity at the site. ( this is the same graverobber who last year acknowledge a child had been removed from the site but it was not a burial site. hmmmm)

We are taking this week to regroup and determining plans of action should any of these decisions not fall on the side of honor and dignity of our loved ones. We urge all who have pledged their support to remain vigilant. Following are some important phone numbers you may consider calling to support the cause of dignity and honor of those who have walked on.

Mon. County Sheriff Bartolo 304-291-7260 ///Mon. County Prosecutor Marsha Ashdown 304-291-7250//West Virginia University Foundation (site owner-selling to Walmart) 304 598-2700 ext 126/// WV. DIV. Culture & History 304-558-0220 FX304-558-2779 ///WAJR radio 304-296-0029

The Morgantown am. talkshow airs mon-fri 9am-10amEST 304-296-0041

Madadje Moniga
"Walks on Wind"
Indigenous Liberation Force


Walmart's Gonad Grip on WV: IT WAS PATHETIC
Date: Monday, June 18, 2001 10:12:18 AM

Warning: The following is intended to be offensive

Last week Walmart reached out to the great state of West Virginia grabbed them by the testicles, squeezed and twisted until the state power structure groveled at their feet and begged for mercy. Walmart did this with a single word..." NO"

Walmart's decision to refuse to accept WV clothing vouchers was a calculated act to put the fear of "WALMART" into West Virginians. Aiming at the children is nothing new for Walmart. They have supported child sweatshops around the world for years so to threaten children is a tradition with the smiley faced thugs. A great percentage of their employee's children live in poverty conditions so why not?

Walmart's immediate reversal was a Public Relations Dream. Any person with an IQ above a fence post should be able to see through their scheme. Walmart created a crisis so they could come out looking like the champion of the underprivileged when they resolved it.

Walmart now has 31 stores in WV and is the state's largest private employer. WALMART (thinks they) OWN WEST VIRGINIA. Last week when Walmart demanded the attention of the state government they got it. State Executives lined up to place their puckered lips on the backside of the Smiley Face and Walmart was eager to accommodate with a news conference so everyone could see 'em do it. They played directly into Walmart's hands.

There is no doubt whatsoever, why Walmart did what they did. They know they are losing in Morgantown. Their efforts to destroy a sacred Indian burial site, three wetlands, a tributary and the economic structure of Monongalia County have been thwarted by a group of determined Indian people and citizens who demand respect and justice for Indian people and choose to seek economic growth continue, as well as, ecological preservation.

Help break the maniacal, sadistic grip of Walmart. Attend the Army Corp. of Engineers hearing July 9th - 7pm. Morgantown WV at the Ramada INN off I-68.

Camping is available at nearby Mason-Dixon Park 304-879-5500
also Email or write;
Mr. Fred Pozzuto U.S.A.C.E.
1000 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, Pa 15222-4186
[email protected]
Letters must be received by June 21st.

Update: July

American Indians Plan Vigil At Proposed Wal-Mart Site
by AP, The Associated Press

Morgantown, W.Va. (AP) - New "No Trespassing" signs along the site of a proposed Wal-Mart superstore won't stop an American Indian group from holding a vigil near the property to protest the development. Wal-Mart says it will pursue plans to develop the store on a 45-acre tract in Morgantown despite the state's refusal to grant access to state Route 705. Wal-Mart engineers will determine if an alternative is available. Although the retailer has redesigned its project to isolate about four acres containing an identified prehistoric Monongahela village site, members of the American Indian Movement say that's not enough. The group plans to hold a vigil and prayer service near the ancient village on Sunday. Members also plan a rally for Monday before a U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers holds a public hearing on Wal-Mart's request to fill some wetlands to build the project. The group also wants the West Virginia University Foundation to deny Wal-Mart an extension on an agreement to develop the property. The foundation was willed the property to finance scholarships. "We believe WVUF has a responsibility to the community as well as the university to deny Wal-Mart any further extension or consideration," said Matt Sherman, a spokesman for the American Indian Movement. The foundation doesn't need to sell the land to fund scholarships, Sherman said. "We will need to work with the foundation on either extending the option or, when it expires, purchasing (the land) outright," said Wal-Mart spokesman Keith Morris. Wal-Mart had pledged to spend more than $1 million to create an intersection on state Route 705. Since an alternative would not enter a controlled access highway, Wal-Mart only needs a permit, Morris said.

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